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Stunning Bamboo Cards For Birmingham Clients

Want to professionally promote your Birmingham event or business while at the same time doing your bit for the environment? Why not consider some beautiful and stylish bamboo cards?

Usually, ID cards, festival passes, membership cards and other similar forms of ID use huge amounts of plastic but if you are looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact, our wood-based business cards and bamboo cards are an absolutely stunning solution. While plastic cards might still be a better option for long-term and high use business cards, there are some incredible alternative materials available, such as sustainably sourced bamboo.

Bamboo absorbs large amounts of CO2 as it grows and is one of the fastest growing woods in the world, making it an incredibly sustainable forest crop. In fact, all ethically sourced bamboo in no way reduces bamboo forest habits in the wild. So promote your Birmingham event or business professionally and reduce your environmental impact at the same time! Call Plastic Data Card today on 01634 811455 to discuss your requirements and ideas with one of our friendly team.

An environmentally friendly and beautiful way to promote your Birmingham event or business

With a wooden grain and texture to them, our bamboo cards and business cards look absolutely beautiful and reflect a truly environmentally-conscious message. Absorbing full colour print beautifully, the entirely wooden substrate biodegrades and composts back into the ecosystem when they are thrown away.

Supplied to clients across Birmingham and the Midlands, our bamboo business cards, ID cards and event passes offer a wide range of benefits and features, including:

  • Completely compostable and biodegradable
  • Unique wood texture and grain to each card
  • Available printed in highest quality full colour
  • Sustainable, fast growing bamboo substrate
  • Single or double sided print designs
  • Resilient and robust; real wooden ID cards
  • Ideal for short term or occasional use

Choose the most suitable cards for your promotional material or event

If part of your decision making process involves considering your impact on the environment, switching from plastic to bamboo can be a superb start but it is vital that you think about how the cards will be used.  

While bamboo cards are incredibly durable and tough, they are not as durable or tough as plastic so we would recommend wood substrates for promotional business cards and membership cards and even as a suitable replacement for plastic cards at festivals and music concerts. Our friendly and experienced team will happily advise you on all our ID card printing services and the ones that are best suited to bamboo treatment.

    Contact us today to discuss your bamboo card requirements with one of our friendly and experienced team.