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Kent's Most Stunning Biodegradable Plastic Cards

If you are looking to stylishly, professionally and effortlessly promote your Kent business or event and want to help the environment in the process, there is no better option than our biodegradable plastic cards!

While plastic might always be the most suitable choice for long lasting and high usage business cards that people carry around with them and use daily, if you require a membership or ID card for single use or just shorter term, it can be incredibly environmentally friendly and effective to have the product made from either bamboo material or recycled eco-card.

Promotional business cards, point cards, festival laminates, short term loyalty cards and event passes all work incredibly well with alternative and environmentally friendly materials and the wooden texture of bamboo cards can also make a strong visual impact, which could fit in seamlessly with your Kent brand or event.

So call the biodegradable plastic card specialists at Plastic Data Card today on 01634 811455 to discuss your Kent event or business promotion requirements with our friendly team.

Visually beautiful bamboo cards

Our environmentally friendly and high quality bamboo cards are the best choice for any planet-conscious business owner or event organiser across Kent and the surrounding region. Absolutely stunning to look at and incredibly resistant to water, our bamboo cards ate the perfect option for any festival pass, event pass, promotional business card or short-term loyalty card.

The most environmentally friendly cards

As our recycled cards are made from at least 60% of recycled plastic material and are environmentally friendly, they not only look incredible and communicate that your company or organisation truly cares about the environment and is doing its part to go green but also are a hugely effective way of promoting your Kent event or business. 

Our stylish and beautiful biodegradable cards will, over time, begin to wear down, leaving absolutely no damaging toxins behind. This usually happens between nine months and five years, depending on the environment, and will help your Kent company do its bit for the environment and meet ISO 14000 compliance at the same time. 

Contact us today to discuss your biodegradable plastic card requirements with one of our helpful and friendly team.