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Stylish and High Quality Library Cards Supplied To London Clients

Working for clients across London and the South East, including local and municipal councils, colleges and universities, we specialise in producing high quality plastic library cards, school calendar cards and security access passes.

Library Cards

Provided to clients across London and the South East, our high quality and stylish plastic library cards are produced with the same durability, quality and security as our other plastic card products. The most important aspect of the plastic card is the barcode and because of the unique design and manufacture of our cards, the barcode is protected by a clear layer of film, both front and reverse. The print is sub-surface to ensure that our plastic cards are guaranteed to last and can always be read by your scanning equipment.

Our plastic Bookmarks & plastic Key Tags also serve as a great feature for Library use across London.

Library Cards

School Calendar Cards

Many parents across London find it difficult to remember school term and holiday dates for the academic year ahead. Plastic Data Card Ltd has the solution to this problem by offering plastic school calendar cards. 

Security Passes

School Security Access Passes in London

Nothing facilitates learning quite like a safe and secure school environment. For modern schools in London, the ability to quickly and positively identify individuals on site is the heart of any safety and security plan. All our plastic cards are completely waterproof and impossible to tear, meaning they're ideal for any London school. ID cards are the perfect solution to ensure that identification is quick and simple and will provide a positive feeling of safety and reduce the threat of uninvited visitors on London school premises.

Plastic ID cards are sequentially numbered so that you can monitor and record plastic card issues.

Why not display your ID cards with plastic card accessories such as Safety Break Away Lanyards. Available in a Range of Stock Colours?

We supply our high quality library cards to clients across London and the South East, so contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly and helpful team.