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It's all in the Finishing


Date: Sun 10th January 2021

ID passes

Many of our customers are unsure about what is the best finish for their product, be it a plastic ID card, bamboo key tag or a recycle-able board event pass.

There is no 'correct answer', only the most appropriate for the circumstance. That is why multiple finishing options are available.

If your plastic card requires regular use and perhaps regular disinfectant cleaning such as a hotel key fob or door key, then there is a finish that provides anti-viral built in.

If you are looking for a more straight forward but equally durable plastic finish that can be wiped down, then the more standard encapsulation films are the answer.

Let's take a look at Encapsulation films used in plastic card printing

Available in both matt and gloss finish at various thicknesses (microns), encapsulation film is always used on both sides of the print to add protection to the printed substrate.

It is possible to put a gloss on one side of a card and a matt laminate on the opposite. This allows for vivid artwork to be ‘lifted’ using a gloss finish on one side, but if you wanted the ability to add a signature or to write on the opposite side, then a matt finish is best.

Encapsulating film is applied to membership cards or other types of plastic card at high temperatures to melt the glue and produce a strong bond on to the printed substrate. The purpose of encapsulation film is to strengthen the printed material to create a much more durable finished product for regular and long-term usage.

Dependent on the end use of the card, say a short-term event card for example, the finish could use a lightweight and cost-effective laminate, if the card requires a more robust finish for ID cards or access cards, we can advise on the most appropriate to suit your need and budget.

Brand and environmental consideration are critical in your decision for both the design and the look and feel of the finished product. The recipients 5 senses are always involved so the look and 'feel' of the finished product matters.

It is always best to make sure that what you receive as a finished product is actually what you and your clients want. A chat through the options available and sample packs can help you decide.